New Destinations

new  jugs 008I’ve been so busy fulfilling orders that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going!  Don’t get me wrong, this is obviously a good thing, but sometimes I think as things fly out the door that maybe my pricing structure is wrong.

Pricing is the most difficult aspect of my work, a headache I’m sure I share with many other crafts people.  I know it should be easy to calculate the time I spend making together with materials and overheads to come up with a price but where do you draw the line?  Recently I have had requests for work to be sent down to Devon and as far north as Orkney!  It’s wonderful to think of my pots spread all over the country like that but I hadn’t given much thought to time spent on all the documenting and packing and then on postage costs.  By the time I factor that into the equation my mugs are going to end up costing a small fortune!

I really feel that maybe I should get some professional training.  I learnt pottery once a week in a class and went on with the help of books and You Tube to get to where I am now.  I find that when I stick to what I know i.e. throwing mugs, jugs and bowls, things go okay but when I try to vary things a bit I spend a long time trying to do it and not always with the results I had hoped to achieve.  Scale is also something I struggle with, I long to throw taller vases and larger bowls but can’t seem to get there.  I also think that by getting some professional advice it would allow me to speed up my throwing a bit so I’m able to keep fulfilling those orders.

On a happier note, I have been making my little sgraffito birds now for quite a while, I enjoy making them and they sell well.  I wanted to produce something that has the same appeal as them  but could be varied a bit to keep me interested!  I came up with these pebbles, which already seem to be proving quite popular


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