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Thanks to my birthday on Friday and my wonderful husband I am now the proud owner of this beautiful Akiko Hirai vase.  He chose it without knowing that I’m a big fan of her work and I love it.  It’s amazing to hold something that you have only ever seen images of, you can learn so much more about the artist and the piece. The spontaneity in this vase is apparent in the faceting which I know from experience is something you don’t get a second chance at!  I also love the thick luscious glaze which covers the heavily grogged clay, punctuated by tiny iron spots. It has a lovely weight to it too, heavy enough to feel substantial but retaining a certain delicacy.

As if that wasn’t enough he then presented me with this gorgeous engraved button by the well known jeweller and engraver Malcolm Appleby.

I must admit to leaving some very heavy hints about this present. I have long been a fan of Malcolm’s since he was a visiting lecturer during my jewellery degree at Edinburgh College of Art. He is a fascinating, quirky man, a born storyteller whose stories are depicted in his work. He originally started as an apprentice gun engraver and his engraving is incredibly detailed. My button is less than 2 cm across but the detail as you can see is quite incredible.


2 thoughts on “Birthday blog

  1. I wish I got such thoughtful presents. Beautiful. Belated happy birthday!

    1. Thank you very much.
      Actually I’m not usually so lucky, last year I didn’t even receive a card, never mind a present. I think my reaction then was what prompted his generosity this year!

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