Holiday Highlights

This country is quite incredible when the sun shines!

I’ve just spent two glorious weeks exploring the beaches and countryside of both Pembrokeshire and Northumberland, both of which have stunning if very different coastlines.

I find the beach hugely inspirational and even spent some time drawing and painting some of my many “finds”. Unfortunately my suitcase wasn’t big enough to bring back all the beautiful shells and pebbles I would have liked, but I did stuff my pockets full!

Hols 2013 203

Hols 2013 199

Hols 2013 268


Hols 2013 202

Hols 2013 034

Hols 2013 194

Hols 2013 032

Hols 2013 033

2 thoughts on “Holiday Highlights

  1. Oooh I love Mermaid’s Purses… we’ve found quite a few of them up here in the NW too. I’ve just spent the last few days telling my kids if they rattle them they’ll hear the mermaid’s money shaking inside. Now I sound like my mother!

    1. Aren’t they amazing, I found two, the first I’ve ever seen in the flesh other than in museums!
      Loved your story about the mermaids money, those are the sort of stories that should be passed down the generations!

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