Prayer to the Kiln Gods.

I have just loaded my kiln for the last time before the Craft Scotland Summer Show.  The show will take place throughout August, during the Edinburgh Festival, showcasing the work of 36 crafts people. I’m really excited to be involved, this is the first event on this scale I’ve taken part in and I’m really not sure what to expect from it.

The show also includes “Meet the Maker” demonstrations and talks and I have been asked to talk about my work and inspirations.

So my work is in the hands of the kiln gods at the moment.  Made by my son Fin, unfinished and abandoned, my kiln gods guard against any demons that might spoil the firings.  So far they haven’t failed me too much!ImageImage




2 thoughts on “Prayer to the Kiln Gods.

  1. Hey Jo, hope all goes well; both with the firing and with the show. Sure you will do great.

    1. Hi Juliet, only one casualty in the firing due to a bit of sloppy wedging by me, other than that I’m all set for the show.
      Thanks so much for your good wishes.

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