Give Weeds a Chance.


I find I feature the humble weed more and more in my work.

 I think its their tenacity I like, definitely the under dog in the garden, they still persist in trying to get themselves noticed!

Their names are charming: Horsetail, Lady’s Bed Straw, Ragged Robin and Shepherd’s Purse to name just a few.


One of my current favourites is Cleavers, or as we called it as kids, Sticky Willy. Great fun to stick on the back of an unaware sibling but also quite beautiful when you take a closer look.

Image So maybe next time your doing a bit of weeding, just take a few minutes to appreciate the weeds before you fling them on the compost heap!

2 thoughts on “Give Weeds a Chance.

  1. These are lovely Jo. Thanks for your kind email. I appreciate weeds, just not the ones all over my garden.

    1. Thanks Juliet, I like to thing the weeds in my garden are helping my creative development!

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