Going Batty

For some time now I have contemplated different ways of attaching batts to my wheel head. I don’t usually use batts for the small items that I throw but sometimes find once fired they can be slightly misshapen, probably due to being knocked when lifting them off the wheel.
My wheel although reliable is rather ancient and although I planned on drilling the wheel head it has proved impossible to remove it to do so. Until now I had been attaching batts to the wheel with a thrown pad of clay but my problem with this method is that sometimes the suction between the batt and the wheel head is so great that it takes some time to remove it!

I was then told of a clever way of solving my problem……


First I took two of my large batts, measured out a central square on one of them and cut it out, leaving me with the square (from which I removed a small corner) and four “edges”.


I then glued the “edges” to the other bat leaving a square recess in the center.


The square that had been removed from the centre can now be used as the “working” batt that is easily removed from the “master”batt.


The master batt is then easily attached to the wheel head using a thrown pad of clay but then multiple square batts can be simply dropped into place and removed as required.

8 thoughts on “Going Batty

  1. Brilliant! Like you I struggle with anchoring my bats to the wheel head. Mine always drift off centre. At college all the heads were drilled so it was easy as pie. I don’t throw much but when I do I will try this method. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Thanks Debbie, yes I’m hoping it will make life a bit easier!

  2. What are your batts made from?

    1. Hi Patricia, I’m not sure what they are, some sort of plastic/melamine. I bought them to go with my Discus table top wheel.

  3. NEAT! I just use marine ply or moisture resistant mdf batts. I’ve found that using square batts anchored with clay works best for me for smaller pieces (once you learn not to catch your hand on the corners) as you can prize them off the clay much easier.

    1. I didn’t know you could get water resistant mdf, did you make your own batts Juliet?

      1. Yes Jo, I just went to local timber merchant and bought a sheet of 12mm moisture resitant mdf (green colour) and got them to cut it into 20cm squares for me. Cost about £35 if I remember correctly for about 70 batts.

      2. Sounds good, I still haven’t got round to cutting any so the mdf might be just what I’m looking for. Thanks Juliet.

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